From Watercolor to Fused Glass: One Artist's Interpretation


I meet some great people through watercolor, and by "meet" I mean not just in person, but through email, Facebook & online conversations; even the occasional phone call. Creativity connects people and it's one of the most energizing parts of my job to be a part of making those connections. I saw Willow Grove Hill Studio's fused glass work on Instagram while around the same time Willow Grove's artist, Anna DelBon Masucci, was watching my sunflower watercolor tutorial on Youtube. I love glass art and have often dreamed of taking a glassblowing course, trying lampwork or stained glass, and my favourite jewellery pieces are glass. I think it's no coincidence that glass artists are often fans of watercolor as well. The transparency of the two medias is certainly similarly beautiful! Look at this gorgeous piece; my favourite from her site:

Willow Grove Hill Studio

Anna emailed me to share the painting she created inspired by the tutorial (I have to recommend my sunflower video tutorial; it's a very forgiving, step-by-step intro to watercolor techniques), and then last week she emailed with something new; a wonderful fused glass art piece inspired by my sunflower demo.

glass art by Willow Grove Hill Studio

Isn't that beautiful!? With glass, Anna achieves something that I can only dream of with watercolour; wonderful transparent colour AND texture on top of that! I hope you'll check out more of her lovely work on her web site, Willow Grove Hill Studio. And I'd love to hear about the path creativity has taken for you; it's so awesome how we can see a great idea on Pinterest or anywhere, really, and take it and make it our own unique interpretation. Creativity is wonderful.