The Fun of Painting Flowers



One reason I love painting florals is that you can go from this:Hiking above the Murray River near Tumbler Ridge, BC Canada

To this:

Calypso Orchids | watercolor by Angela Fehr

and it's so much fun! I get to be in charge when I paint, and let the colours run the way I want, creating shapes that suggest beautiful flowers without painting every detail. I love dropping in beautiful colours like cobalt teal, green gold and opera pink, letting them flow & mingle for maximum impact and gorgeous juiciness.

Calypsos; detail of watercolor by Angela Fehr

I love sharing what I've learned about using the loose & fluid properties of watercolour in my online courses. My "Loose & Fluid" watercolour course is a great introduction to "playing" with free & easy painting and "Colour-Drenched Florals" is a great followup to really explain my processes in painting flowers in watercolour. If creating dynamic florals is something you've always wanted to do, check out these classes today! They are more than worth the money and there's a 30 day money back guarantee if you disagree.

Sign up here: Angela Fehr Watercolour Classes

Here's a few details to help you decide:

1. The classes are self paced so you can watch them anytime, and you get lifetime access so you can watch them as many times as you want to.

2. Loose & Fluid I is just $20 USD, while Colour-Drenched Florals is $99. But you can buy all five of my paid courses for $150 for the best value of all.

3. By posting your work in the Student Gallery (there's one in each course), you can receive feedback, guidance & critiques from me as well as from the other students in the course. There's already a ton of great information in the galleries as I share insight on how to improve students' paintings.

Here's a few more of my beautiful floral watercolour paintings. These inspire me to make more lovely paintings every day, and I hope they inspire you too! Many of these are available for purchase by clicking here.

Spray of Wild Roses | watercolour by Angela Fehr

"Fragrant" watercolor painting by Angela Fehr

Sunflower on Edge | angela fehr watercolors "Alstromeria" watercolor by Angela Fehr oleander | Angela Fehr watercolours "Reds" watercolor by Angela Fehr freesia sketch 5x7 watercolor by Angela Fehr Golden Gift hothouse flowers & vase Dainties 600w "Kaleidoscope" watercolour by Angela Fehr | gerber first wash | Angela Fehr "Withered" watercolor by Angela Fehr wild rose cascade 600w party line Spring Dresses Liz's Wild Roses | Angela Fehr watercolors Violets of My Affections Summer Fling | watercolour by Angela Fehr "Market Garden" watercolour, $120 unframed | Angela Fehr