Studio Tour on Video

I've shared peeks at my studio in the past. After six years, it feels so good to see the space nearly complete (my husband is building my shelves right now) and it's just so useful!

This video will hopefully give you a glimpse into our creative collaboration, as we discussed (and sometimes argued) and planned and built nearly every detail in the studio, from paint colour to lighting. It's a true testament to my husband's love for me that he was willing to put so much energy into making the perfect space, and I am so glad that I didn't nag and complain during the years when it seemed like it would never get finished. I've learned that I would rather trust him and be patient than have to live with memories of regret, especially over something that isn't life or death. I'd rather have him than the best studio ever!

Also I'm a little self-conscious about my red lipstick. I love a retro red lip, but I always feel a little too "bright" wearing it. Yikes!

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