Video Update: 3 Techniques for Painting Leaves In Watercolour

Way back in 2012 I uploaded "3 Techniques for Painting Leaves in Watercolor" which had a very popular run on Youtube. I still get views and comments on this video, after three years. In three years, however, my kids have grown, I've moved out to my studio above the garage, I've gotten more experienced at recording video tutorials, and I've changed my painting methods a bit. So with that in mind, I have released the new & improved "3 Techniques for Leaves in Watercolour":

I'm not sure why it had to be 28 minutes long, when the original was only 13. I think I've realized that most Youtube viewers don't want an abbreviated tutorial; they want to see the whole process, without rushing. Anyhow, check out the video if you are interested in learning more about negative and positive painting, colour combinations and loose & expressive watercolor painting. It's all in there!