Kickstarter Update


This is my life this week:


Every year in August, our church hosts a soccer camp. It's a week I dread and love in turns as it's such a big job to organize, but totally worth it. My favourite part is leading the kids in singing fun and energetic worship songs and just praising God together. So I won't be in the studio much this week, but for a good reason!

I'm sharing a video update on Kickstarter with a peek at some of the paintings covered in my new Loose & Fluid II watercolour course, which is almost ready. I think my favourite part of building a new course is how I end up teaching myself! There's always at least one "So that's why that works the way it does," moment that gets me all excited.

The course holds two landscape demonstrations, two floral demonstrations and one abstract, as well as a ton of other content that will help you paint more loosely and intuitively.

loose 2 curves of bc 6002

From starting wet-in-wet (and I mean COMPLETELY saturated), to using more creative colours;

 loose 2 muncho recoloured 600w

And learning a quicker, easier way to paint negative shapes in a background, without getting lost;

purple flourish

And then throwing all the rules out the window and painting something abstract and self-indulgent, this course is just plain fun!

loose 2 december afternoon 600w

The Kickstarter campaign is where you want to go to get about 50% off my newest courses (there are options for getting the whole bundle - all 7 courses - as well!), and you have until August 31st to join the project. And thank you for those who have already joined! It's very excited to see a course pre-sell so rapidly!