A Link to my Live Broadcast on Youtube: Painting an Autumn Scene

This week I hosted my second live broadcast on Youtube. It's really quite fun to paint live online, with 70-100 of my friends watching and chatting from all over the world! I'm planning on painting live every two weeks, and if your time zone prevents you from joining live, you can watch the recorded broadcast anytime on Youtube. Here's the first two episodes - in Episode I, I start a painting using a reference photo provided by one of my students, and in Episode II, I finish the painting off. Do be patient with my occasional loss of train of thought, especially in the first episode, as I figure out the best way to broadcast, paint and answer questions!


And Episode II:

If you need links to the supplies I mention, or to the reference photo, you can view those on Youtube by clicking through the video using the icon in the bottom left of the video screen.

Enjoy! Next broadcast will be December 2nd, 1:00pm MST.

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