Craftsy Launch Announcement!

titleCardWell, today is the day! I'm pleased and excited to announce the launch of my new class, Better Painting with Watercolor Sketches on! 10256_Set_Stills_038_retouched 1000w

I'll be watching the videos today with all my new students and I can't wait to see the finished product after weeks of planning and preparation. I love the course concept so much because, as I've said before, it so closely parallels my working methods in the studio. My best paintings come out of the development steps I'm sharing in the course. I should be my own best student and make sketching out my paintings a habit for every new painting (I still hope that I can knock out a great painting in one attempt - I should know better!).


I would love to show Craftsy that they made a great choice in inviting me to teach for them - I have no idea how many course purchases they usually get in a course's first week of launch, but wouldn't it be fun to show them how supportive my students are with some great enrollment numbers this week? The course is affordable, just $29.95 USD, and as a member of my watercolour community, you save $5 if you purchase using this link.

One filming technique I learned from my Craftsy production crew was something they call "room tone." After wrapping up a lesson, we would all sit in silence for about ten seconds with the cameras running. The idea, I think, is to get the sound of the room noises for editing later. I know when I am filming my own courses, I sometimes have to mute the video, and dead silence is definitely not a match with the actual noise in the studio, so "room tone" is a good thing to have to fill those air spaces! After one lesson, we were sitting in "room tone" and someone walking past fell into the door with a crash - that was a funny moment of bad timing!


I'll be active on the Craftsy site this week, answering questions as students progress through the course and getting to know the platform, but I'll not neglect my existing courses on my own school site at I've been seeing many new students purchasing my "Beginner Bundle," consisting of Basic Techniques in Watercolour and Loose & Fluid I, which together offer a comprehensive look at techniques in watercolour and how to use them.

It really is so rewarding to teach watercolour. I love being able to assure students that you can learn this medium, that everyone can develop an individual style that makes their hearts sing, and that learning watercolour can feel like fun, not work! That's what's worked for me, and so I know it can work for you too.