Little Jewels: November Painting Event

A new painting starts with a single brush stroke, and when I choose the colour with which to load my brush, I'm setting the tone for an entire painting. Over the years I've learned that the colours you choose say a lot about your personality, and mine is one that celebrates the richness of life in vivid blues and violets, swaths of crimson and gold, depths of chocolate and pine. If colour's a feast, call me a glutton! creative watercolour wash Indulgent colour is something I'm playing with in the studio, in small formats. I donated this little gem as a door prize for the Peace Watercolour Society's 40th anniversary exhibition. At just 5" x 7" it's almost pocket size.

Scarlet Blaze, watercolour by Angela Fehr

I'm filling my studio with colour this November, and I'm sharing it with you! My Little Jewels painting event starts November 1st, as every weekday in November I'll be unveiling a new "little gem;" a 6 x 6 inch (15 x 15 cm) original painting available to you, here on my site.

Each painting will measure small in square footage, but big in colour and watercolour expression, and are priced to give. Mounted on panel and ready to hang, the paintings will ship by the first week of December to arrive in time to give for Christmas.


When can I buy a painting? Every weekday at noon Pacific time, a new painting will be added to my web site here. They will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

When do the paintings ship? I will be shipping out paintings weekly throughout the event, with the final week's paintings shipped by December 7th.

Will you ship internationally? Yes! All of my paintings are available to ship worldwide.

How much do they cost? Each 6" x 6" painting is priced at $119 CAD ($89 USD).

Where can I buy them? Right here: Little Jewels Painting Event


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