Live Watercolour Lesson January 17, 2017: Working Methods for Watercolour Success


When I first started painting, I didn't spend a lot of time thinking about my learning process. I was fixed on completing paintings, and so a painting session generally started by choosing a reference photo that appealed to me and then painting it, with only intermittent success. Over the years I've realized a few things about myself that have influenced and adapted the way I approach a new subject in watercolour and how I start a painting session. I'm sharing these insights in this week's live lesson. Scroll down for a supply list and resources you might find useful!

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Watercolour Sketches: Building Skill in Techniques in Minutes a Day

Loose & Fluid Watercolour 

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Used in today's demonstration: Paper: Indigo Art Paper 300 lb cold press Paint: Daniel Smith Cascade Green, Carmine, Quinacridone Coral QoR Modern Watercolours Cadmium Yellow Med Brushes: Escoda Versatil #10 rigger (Dick Blick) Escoda Versatil #10 rigger on or