A Messy Studio is the Sign of a Happy Artist!

I want to paint every day, but that's not always possible. When my watercolour show at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery came down last week, I brought my paintings home and stacked them semi-neatly in my studio. The rest of the week was a blur of spring chores (taxes, anyone?) and I didn't enter the room again until the weekend, much to my chagrin. 
My weekend plans often don't involve painting. Weekends are family time, even if we're just catching up on chores at home. My Facebook and Instagram feeds might not show it, but I spend just as much time cooking, driving, helping with homework and doing laundry as most moms, and there are many times when art just has to come second to the demands of family. This means my studio can feel a bit neglected and turn into a dumping ground for art supplies that "I'll put away when I have time." 
So yesterday, when I got a little time to venture into that quiet space, I knew that first on my list should be a long overdue tidy-up session, but instead, I painted. I had no plans, I just got my brush wet and chose a couple of colours I thought would work well together. I used lots of water, I pulled out supplies I hadn't used in years and asked lots of "what if?" as I pushed colour around in a juicy mess. The studio is even messier than it was on Sunday morning, but on Sunday night I walked away with a heart fed creatively, 2 vibrant washes that will turn into inspired paintings, and one completed painting that is not letting me photograph its true amazingness.
I never regret saying "yes" to painting. We take better care of the rooms we live in than our own hearts sometimes. When we value ourselves, it becomes easier to find a way to feed our creative souls, whether it's making art, collecting art, or looking for beauty in everyday moments.