Craftsy Watercolor Course now on DVD

Last week Craftsy launched their new DVD program, and somehow, I missed the email that informed me that my course, Better Paintings with Watercolour Sketching had been chosen for the first set of courses to be available on DVD! This is pretty special, as it means that out of thousands of courses on, the course I designed, wrote and painted was considered to have the most appeal to consumers.

I'm pleased about this; while my revenue share of the DVD's isn't large, it does meet my main objective for teaching watercolour in that it offers another way to reach out to people. I'm passionate about making personal connections and encouraging beginning artists is such a source of joy and fulfillment; I've learned from experience that good teaching has to come from the heart. Not all artists have access to painting instruction where they live, and not all artists have the internet capabilities to stream video lessons, so offering the DVD's fills a need and I'm excited about that.

The course's title, Better Paintings with Watercolor Sketching is a bit of a mouthful. It's based in my experience that painting your subject in a series of loose "sketches" is a wonderful way of building skill and familiarity with your subject while determining how best to approach your reference material. It results in a more confident, effortless-looking painting, and helps you practice technique and express your personal style. The course is really packed with content, little gems of instruction in technique, composition, and colour theory; all the tools that will help you become a better decision maker as you paint.

You can order the DVD here, or enroll in the online course. Either way, you get the condensed, professional content that Craftsy is known for, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to work with them when this course was developed last year.