Celebrating World Watercolor Month

Isn't it fun to have a whole month dedicated to celebrating the beautiful and fascinating medium of watercolour? Last year when Charlie O'Shields of Doodlewash.com and I "met" via email, we immediately connected over our love of watercolour and our desire to create a positive community of fellow artists, and so when he mentioned that he had applied for a special date dedicated to watercolour and been given World Watercolor Month for the month of July, I immediately asked if I could be part of the event in some way. I shared the news of World Watercolor Month everywhere I could, and donated $1 from every paid course enrollment in July to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation. I was able to donate $300 to Dreaming Zebra, thanks to my great online students!


This year will be even better!

The second annual World Watercolor Month starts this Saturday, July 1st. Why not join us in celebrating watercolor this month? You can join by checking out the World Watercolor Month page here, and choosing any or all of the options listed - painting, supporting artists, donating money or supplies to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation.

Enroll & Give!

This year I'm repeating my pledge from 2016 to donate $1 from each course purchase in July to the Dreaming Zebra Foundation. I'm hoping we can exceed last year's 300 enrollments and really blow Dreaming Zebra's socks off with our generosity! When you purchase a course enrollment (for yourself or as a gift), you are helping inspire children to fulfill their own creative dreams.

Paint & Hashtag!

To help you make painting a part of your World Watercolor Month, Charlie O'Shields asked me to create the official World Watercolor Month painting prompts. It was fun thinking of summery cues to inspire your painting and mine. Remember that the prompts below can be interpreted as closely or loosely as you like; we watercolorists like to be "loose," after all! And selected prompts will be appearing as part of my Watercolor Summer Challenge starting July 5th. Don't forget to hashtag your paintings with #worldwatercolormonth wherever you share your art on social media in July.


The Watercolor Summer Challenge

I'll be announcing the details of my great big Watercolor Summer Challenge on Friday. I was brainstorming ways to have some summer fun and keep painting a part of my plans when I dreamed up this giveaway-slash-painting challenge. It's the biggest giveaway I've ever done, and I can't wait to unveil it!