Studio Methods

This week's live Youtube lesson gives you a peek into my studio processes when I'm painting for my own professional pursuit. I find I approach watercolour very differently depending on whether I'm painting to teach or painting for myself. [embed][/embed]

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What does a typical painting session look like for this professional artist? I'm sharing my personal studio session with you in today's live video lesson.

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Supplies Used in this Lesson: Reeves large plastic palette: Brush: Escoda Versatil #10 rigger order from from Blick Art Materials: Cheap Joe's Art Stuff Loose Goose Dagger Striper #1 Paint: Daniel Smith watercolours at Blick Art Materials: Sennelier watercolours Cinereous Blue Brusho pigment powders: on from Blick Art Materials:

Watch this great video from Mike Bailey on painting in a series:

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