The Power of Art Starts in the Artist's Heart

  Today I painted just for the joy of it. How energizing the satisfaction of seeing paint swish across a wet sheet of paper, how thrilling the rush of excitement that comes when two colours dance across the page. And I think, in troubled times especially, we need this. Somewhere in our lives where we can find pure happiness, even if it's as simple as watching paint dry.

I think this is the power of art. Yes, it can cause us to think, illuminate truth, and be a voice for change, and it's wonderful to see artists who use it this way. But in the making of art, no matter what the subject, how simple or "frivolous" the expression, its power for impacting hearts happens from the artist out.

If you're a painter today, are you painting for the joy of it? Learning watercolour can be a struggle, and tackling a new subject can feel really hard. Spend a little time painting just for the happy feeling of seeing that colour flow, then move on to your learning with fresh energy.

ArtAngela Fehr3 Comments