Total Immersion

It's 11:30 and I haven't really started work yet. It's a drawback and a blessing that, working from home, my day can change very quickly. Today that meant taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather and my dog's need for exercise to hike the trails near our home.  Ari is such a fun little dog! She has adapted well to our family since we got her as a puppy in June, and we've been able to train her fairly easily, due to her sweet nature. She's never going to be tall; we think there must be some corgi blood contributing her short legs! She loves more than anything to walk in the forest, and it's on my list of favourite things to do as well, so we get along just fine.

There's something about fresh fall air, sunshine and autumn colours that is so invigorating, and a walk like this not only serves to provide exercise that is healthy for both body and mind, but by taking time to immerse myself in the season, my paintings benefit as well. My best art comes out of an internal knowing my subject and pouring my love of it onto the paper.