It's Here! The 2018 Spring Collection.

This is actually my very first time launching a painting collection based around a season, and so I'm kind of nervous about it. It's like a gallery opening, opening the doors and letting the world see what I've been up to, and (always) hoping someone likes it. I think I often forget how vulnerable it can feel to share art that comes from a very personal place, and to put a price on it and hope someone values it in the same way. Sharing art with the goal of sales adds an even greater level of vulnerability that I don't think ever really goes away, no matter how many paintings I sell or how many people follow and love my art. At heart I'll always be just a solitary artist, quietly making and hoping my art matters.

Artists tend to struggle with perspective on their work. Each of these paintings came off of my brush alongside an inner thrill; "this is my best painting EVER!" and then as I work to prepare them for public life, photographing in full and in detail, editing the photos to try to match the original, re-photographing, measuring for framing, uploading and arranging, it's hard to keep that same thrill as the "work" part of selling art dulls some of the luster, and doubt sets in. The love/hate pendulum swings back and forth.

No painting is ever as beautiful in photographs as it is in real life. It's actually a good thing, because if someone loves the photograph of the painting, they will fall even deeper in love when they see the original. Nothing can compare.

I'm excited about the opportunity to share a collection of my art, eight paintings in some of my favourite colours, full of lively brush strokes and yet with a joyful tranquility that accompanies that energy. I'm not sure how tranquility and energy can co-exist, but in these paintings I see both.

Not only are the paintings available as original pieces of one-of-a-kind art, but I have made select paintings available as prints on paper or canvas, and the star of the show, Ascending Spring is also available as a bag, pouch, scarf or journal. View the entire collection here, and let me know which painting is your favourite in the comments below.