What does it mean to master watercolour?


When I first started thinking about creating a course titledWatercolor Mastery,” I knew that creating a course geared toward mastering the medium involved taking on something big. I wasn’t sure I even felt like I could claim the term “mastery” for myself, because watercolor is a lifelong learning process, and I'm not finished learning yet!

There are so many things that Watercolor Mastery isn’t:

  • Flawless paintings
  • Replicating a mentor’s style of art
  • Reaching a level plateau of skill & style
  • Knowing everything there is to know about watercolor
  • Certainty regarding your path as an artist

If mastering watercolor isn’t any of those things, then what is it?

Imagine all the people...

In one of my Fearless Artist emails, I ask what the world would look like if every person fearlessly pursued the beautiful creative dreams their hearts cried out for. Imagining a world like that brought tears to my eyes. How beautiful it could be!


In mastering watercolour, we are seeking that kind of freedom, paired with knowledge and empowering skill, and in Watercolour Mastery, I get to teach you how to arm yourself with the tools you need to be your own best teacher and favourite artist. We walk through six principles that master artists know and use to create dynamic, unique paintings. We discuss the mental battle with your inner critic and work to replace negative thoughts with strategies for staying motivation and encouraged, even during intense learning cycles (aka, "when nothing's turning out."). We work as a group, sharing our projects and thoughts, learning how to critique art and problem solve together. At the end of the course, I encourage students to gather all of the paintings they've created during the six week intensive, and take a photo to share with the group. It's always so exciting for all of us to see what's been accomplished and the change in the art over that short period of intense learning!

In just a few days, I’ll be opening up Watercolour Mastery for enrollment, but, before that happens, I’ll be sharing in a series of emails and videos how I define Watercolor Mastery, and helping you decide whether or not you are ready to become a master of watercolor.  You might be more ready than you think! You can sign up here to make sure you don't miss the live video lesson tomorrow! 

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