12 Ways to Strengthen Your Creativity

Watercolour Workout is an online course that I created to strengthen creativity and help me paint more confidently and fearlessly. Yes, help ME paint. Whenever I make a course, I start out by asking myself, "What do I want this course to do?" and with Watercolour Workout, it was especially apt, because the video lessons in the course are focused on creativity over technique, and style over academics. Stuff every artist needs in the quest to develop a personal artistic style.

From February 4-25th, you can work through the lessons in Watercolour Workout with me. In the course, you'll receive a dozen exercises to help you think outside the box and paint more freely.

The interactive portion of the course provides you with a learning community; discussion group, a place to post your art for feedback and guidance, coaching and encouragement from me and the rest of the class. I like to call it the "next best thing" to learning in person, but some people actually prefer an online course since you can paint in the comfort of your home, at a time that suits you, without the self-conscious feeling of another class attendee looking over your shoulder!


  • How do I join the course?
    Enroll here: Watercolour Workout Enrollment

  • I already own this course. Can I still join?
    Yes! You get free access to the interactive series. Reply to this email and we'll send you the link to join.

  • How long does the course last?
    The interactive portion of the course will run from February 4-25th, however, you get lifetime access to the lesson content.

  • I'm a new painter. Is this course a good fit for me?
    Yes! This course works for artists at any skill level, because it is focused on being more creative right where you are at.

More questions? Leave a comment here or email me!

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