Bear Mountain Morning - Painting Inspiration

I swim every Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30 a.m. I love the ten minute drive to town - the skies are so beautiful (except September - April when it's still dark). Last night we had rain and this morning the clouds were clearing off, and there was this long, low cloud just hovering below the hill we call Bear Mountain, south of Dawson Creek. The clouds above the hill were these scudding grey leftover rain clouds, with a patch of blue between. I'm glad there's only a few cars on the road that time of day, because my attention was taken up trying to memorize the scene so I could paint it.

I really should bring my camera with me when I drive anywhere - when I get my new camera my old camera will become my "van camera" to capture Peace country skies in all seasons.

Did I mention that the canola is in bloom right now?

Anyhow, since I didn't have my camera, and since I have no faith in my memory to remember all the details required for creating an accurate painting, I was late for swimming. I grabbed a sheet of paper from the front desk, and quickly sketched out a "legend" of shapes and colors to guide me. My cow parsnip painting will have to wait (I've completed the first wash on it) because my "Bear Mountain Morning" painting cannot wait. I'll post pictures soon.

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