Cow Parsnip - Not Really a Great Painting Title

Apparently the artist in me is still on vacation, since I haven't painted since we got back from our trip. It was nice to come home and take a fresh look at my John Deere winter scene (gotta think of a shorter title!), though I'm so familiar with the painting that it really didn't give me that ahhh feeling I was expecting. I'll save that for the framed result, I guess.

I don't blame myself for not being up to painting - getting home is exhausting! The phone started ringing as soon as we got home with church responsibilities, then there's all the cleaning up and laundry. And I have a birthday party to plan for my almost 4-year-old this weekend. I think I'll get the sewing machine out - she wants a backpack carrier for her "baby."

Yesterday I did take some reference photos - there's an incredible stalk of Cow Parsnip at the edge of the hayfield in front of my house, swaying above the fireweed. Would make a great painting, but it was a little too windy to sit there a paint on location.

The canola is in full bloom and Dawson Creek is surrounded by a sea of brilliant yellow. I have a local gallery that would like some local scenes from me this fall so I should focus on the inspiration around me for my next few paintings.