Painting in Progress: Delphiniums

I started a painting last week, working from a stem of the delphiniums growing in my yard. I
love delphiniums and have painted them before, so I added a twist this time and am painting an extreme closeup of those beautiful blooms.

I'm staying loose with this, using my spray bottle to dampen areas of the paper and allowing runs and backwashes to happen spontaneously. I'm going to focus next on the centres of the flowers, and once those details are laid in, I'll know how much more detail the petals need, if any.

I'm also pondering whether to open my sadly neglected bottle of iridescent medium to add some final highlights. I have time to decide, plus I actually have to find the stuff - it's been a couple years since I used it. Why is it always in the box that is under everything else? And why am I too lazy to move the top boxes and try to hercules the lid open while it's still stacked three boxes high?

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