Living Creatively - The Common Made Holy

Posting again my current favourite watercolour painting - Freckled Orchids - which is in a gallery and I miss seeing every day.

Just realized I haven't posted in ten days. I've been too busy - not with painting. My husband has taken a job that requires a lot more hours away from home and the adjustment for me, home with three small children, has been difficult. Still working on it.

I'm hoping I haven't entered another phase of life where my watercolour is shelved - though this has happened before and doesn't mean the death of creativity - it always finds other outlets. But in my list of priorities, art can't come first - not at this busy stage of parenting and life-building.

I envy those for whom art can come first - or at any rate, take equal footing alongside family or other commitments. For those of us that must place it lower, the goal must be to live creatively, to approach each day with purpose and passion; to really see the beauty in the little moments, even when it cannot be captured with brush or pen.

It's a staggering challenge in the midst of the mundane - potty training, meal providing, laundry folding.

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