Making Peace with Phases

In my last post, I talked about why art is not a priority for me right now. It was a hard post to write - I'd like to consider myself a serious artist and not painting doesn't really perpetuate that image.

But I think that it is important for me as an artist who blogs (at least in the direction my art blog has taken) to be open about this - and I've seen by the comments on my posts on the topic that juggling priorities is an issue that resonates with other artists - especially moms (sorry, guys, but you didn't comment).

I think it's important to reach a level of peace with fluctuating productivity. I've not quit painting, and I'm creative every day. I can feel good about that. And I'm learning about holding my desires with an open hand. Paul David Tripp says something in his book, Instruments in the Redeemer's Hands about how it is not our desires that are bad, but how tightly we cling to them. As a parent, I do not want my desire to paint to cause me to snap at my children when they abbreviate their naps and interrupt my creative time, or to walk around in a cloud because I feel thwarted. Wanting to paint is good; accepting graciously not being able to is better.

Last week the kids and I had a delightful time using our creativity making cookies and planning a cookie decorating party. Hard to feel like I'm missing out on anything!

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