It has snowed every day for the last week. While I should be cursing my geographical location at this point, these dustings of snow have come to us on the most incredible cloud formations, sky brooding and indigo, sunsets of pure gold and violet, rose madder and cobalt.

As an artist, my response to beauty is to want to paint it. I feel frustrated and impotent when I am trapped in my vehicle without even a camera to feebly capture the panorama before me.

Seems foolish to me that I have such a hard time being able to enjoy beauty without frustration. Somehow I don't think this is the emotion the Master Artist is looking for when He paints heaven across the sky.
I did get out this weekend and got some spring photography in, just shooting around the yard. What? You don't think this looks like spring? Well for one thing, it's no longer covered in SNOW.

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