New Watercolor Painting: Sweet Pea Symphony

Sweet Pea sketch, 6" x 9.5" watercolor painting

I've been struggling with making time to paint this year. The conclusion I think that I have come to is that creating large paintings is more than I can do right now - I find I have to start over several times to get a detailed half-sheet or full sheet watercolour painting completed, and that's frustrating for an artist who may only get a half hour a day to paint. Small paintings, sketchy paintings, are where it's at for me right now. And that's okay. I've got to be satisfied that I manage to fit art in, despite the demands of country life, raising three children ages six and under, homeschooling, blogging, juggling 3 small business ventures and playing secretary to my husband's business.

Watercolor was my first love, here before any of the other things that occupy so much of my time. She's a gentle mistress, pans of pigment waiting patiently for revival by water and brush. Inspiration can be more elusive, and regular exercise of creativity is required to awaken the flow.

I found this blogger this week - an eighteen-year-old homeschooler that reminds me of my own days spent at home with my sketchbook. But I was not nearly so promising an artist at that young age, and I envy this lass her wise touch with children's illustration.

As you can see, I'm trying the PayPal "Buy Now" button on this item. Gives my blog readers a chance to purchase before the art goes into my shop.