Saskatoon Berry Watercolor Painting

Purple Dusk
6.5" x 9.5" original watercolor painting

An explanation is often needed when non-Western Canadians see my saskatoon berry paintings. This local berry grows along roadsides all over western Canada, and in other regions of North America, I am told it is also called serviceberry or juneberry. I started this small painting about a year ago, and it just wasn't working out. I set it aside, not quite able to bring myself to throw it away - I really liked the berries, but the background wasn't happening. Last week, I pulled it out again, and, with nothing to lose, I starting deepening the background values, fading out the details and lo and behold, things came together for me. I'm happy with the finished painting and I'm certainly glad I didn't throw it away without giving it one more try.

ArtAngela Fehr1 Comment