Art Opportunities - Choosing and Doing

photograph by Angela Fehr
Got home from three weeks' vacation to a basketful of opportunity for me as an artist. I generally find myself scrambling in a new year to prepare for several annual local exhibition and competition opportunities, and on top of that I've been contacted about teaching watercolour classes during April and May through the local art gallery, being the guest exhibitor at a spring event at the public library, and submitting art to a civic organization for purchase.
On top of all of that, I'm taking my scrapbooking education business in a new (or more in-depth) direction, planning to maintain a consistent presence at the local farmer's market starting in May, and dreaming of trying altered canvases and mixed media art. I've been very inspired by artist Donna Downey lately.
With all of this staring me in the face, it's very exciting, but also a little intimidating. Where am I going to find the time to achieve all of this? Since I homeschool my daughters in the mornings, afternoons are my business and creativity time. It's never enough, but when I am focused (turn off Facebook and my blog reader), I do get a lot done. And there's a lot to be said for getting up a little earlier in the morning. And you know what? I have given myself permission not to take advantage of every opportunity. Sometimes I'm just going to miss one. 

To sign up for my watercolour classes at the Dawson Creek Art Gallery, please contact the gallery. I don't see the updated Spring/Summer class schedule on the site yet, but my classes will start April 7, Thursday nights at 7pm and run until May 27.

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