A Tidbit on Website Design

On Saturday, I presented the regional arts council with their new, revamped web site. I have found that building an art career can be very multi-faceted; that is, I'm not just a watercolour painter, or just an art educator. I have been able to create art every day because I am willing to involve myself in the arts in many ways.

"Elfin Hollow" watercolor painting by Angela Fehr

I built my first web site over ten years ago now, as it became more and more evident that an artist needs a web site, and I couldn't afford a web designer. I chose a free site to begin with (I think I used angelfire - are they still around?) but quickly grew tired of the pop up and banner ads that emblazon a free site. There are many options for artists to make their own web sites, and nowadays nearly every artist, no matter their computer skill level, can create a site showcasing their art. Art gallery sites are hugely popular, charging a monthly or yearly fee, or a sales commission to exhibit an artist's work on a separate artist page that is searchable within the site. (I like the articles comparing different gallery sites on Empty Easel.)

Over the years, the internet has changed, and the way we use the internet has changed, and my web site has gone through at least four major revamps. I've learned a lot. I don't really "speak" html, so I do a lot of cutting and pasting, and I spend a lot of time searching "how to add -fill in the blank- to your web site" but in the end, I can usually figure out how to make my site do what I want it to do.

And I have used the same web host and domain name provider for years and years, and I am quick to recommend GoDaddy.com for their competitive pricing and fantastic 24/7 support. For the small amount it costs me annually, I love being able to give people a web address that they can remember as easily as they remember my name, and my email address is the same - in fact, anything typed before the @angelafehr.com sign will come to me, no matter how misspelled.

Last year I started using Wordpress.org and I can share some suggestions with you next time I do a "techie" post if you'd like.