5 Great New Watercolor Supplies: Fehr Favorites!

I was in a bit of a rut for painting supplies for a long time. After using the same colour palette for fifteen years, I decided to try a few new colours. There's a balance between trying every new product that appears (and having them sit unused in a closet somewhere) and never stepping out of your comfort zone. I found that trying some new products perked up my art a bit! It made me more experimental and it's made my paintings more lively and fun. Here's a few of the new products I'm enjoying these days:

  1. Daniel Smith Watercolors Green Gold. It's so vibrant, and it's both a green and a yellow. It's also very transparent - I've used other yellow-greens in the past that were more opaque and hated them. It makes some incredible hues when mixed with other transparent colours.ds green gold
  2. Winsor & Newton Cobalt Turquoise Light: Another yummy colour that I've been using daily. I love the way this shade granulates a little when mixed. Not only is it just a beautiful colour, it makes a fantastic grey when mixed with pink.cobalt turq
  3. Winsor & Newton Watercolor Sable #10 Round: I have both the #10 and the #7 and love these brushes. Winsor & Newton's Series 7 is the king of their product line, but I have never been able to justify paying $100+ for a brush (especially since I suspect that I am hard on brushes and would wear an expensive brush out just as quickly as a cheap one), but at $53.10 for the #10 Watercolor Sable, I can feel good about the quality of the brush without feeling like I need to take out an insurance policy on the tool. These brushes are so versatile since they hold lots of paint and come to a nice point. I can get a fine tip for detail work without switching to a smaller brush. Good brushes are important!wn_artistwcbrush_round
  4. Twinkling H2O's: These tiny jars of watercolor are packed with shimmer! I probably wouldn't use them in a "serious" watercolour painting (except maybe in a very small dosage), but they are super fun to use for making cards or with rubber stamping. h2o's
  5. Peanut Butter M&Ms. Every artist needs sustenance! They are my favourite.M&Ms

Do you have any favourite art supplies? Leave a comment and enable me!