My Latest Painting: Autumn's Edge

Often, the start of a new painting is the launch site of an emotional roller coaster. From the thrill of a new idea to the swooping sinking feeling of "maybe I bit off more than I can chew" and back to the breathless rush of the perfect lovely brush stroke, followed by the plunge of "Now I've ruined it!" If you're lucky, you'll sail into the finish line with a wild new hairdo and a smile on your paint-spattered face. Autumn's Edge, 14" x 21" watercolour by Angela Fehr

Autumn is also a roller coaster, isn't it? I struggle between enjoying the colours and beauty of the season with dreading the unknown winter ahead. Winters in northeast British Columbia can be six months of cold and snow, and deathly icy roads, but it's the anticipation I hate the most. Once winter arrives we buckle down and make life work. And even enjoy it - this year we've had great cross country skiing!


I've titled my new painting "Autumn's Edge" and it's full of unexpected colour - not just the usual gold and rust of autumn, but a riot of purples, turquoise and cranberry to tantalize the visual palate. I painted two "trial runs" before I attempted this half sheet painting, which helped me paint confidently on this final draft, and I even learned a few new tricks, like my new palette for painting evergreen trees, which I share in this video:

I'm hoping to take some time to discover the colours of winter in my next painting. I can guarantee you there is more than just white out there!