Getting the Most out of Your Subject

In a recent workshop, the instructor encouraged the class to feel free to paint the same subject as many times as we wanted. This was kind of a new thought to me, since I have always felt that if I paint something once, there's nothing left to say in the matter. I want my work to be original, not the same painting over and over again.  But the more I've thought about it, I've realized that I can be free to paint the same subject repeatedly if I want to. Not only that, but I do it already! sasks cropped2 I've used this reference photo of saskatoon berries many times over the years, and it's come out different every time. Most recently I was loosely inspired to create my painting "Blue Beckoning." A Blue Beckoning watercolor | Angela FehrI've drawn it in pen and ink: saskatoon sketch card I've used it in a video tutorial: five stroke saskatoonsI've painted it small, like this 6x9 inch beauty that took me two years to finish (more on that later): Purple Dusk watercolour | Angela Fehr And I've painted it large. This one is 14" x 20", a half sheet of watercolour paper.On a Limb watercolour | Angela Fehr Every time it's been a little different, a little better, a little deeper delving into the subject. I'm loving how that translates into better paintings, and no two are the same.