From sunrise to sunset.

I'm spellbound by skies. Especially sunrises and sunsets. I'm a rearview mirror driver when there's a sunset at my out! In rural Canada, we have some pretty nice ones, and the best thing about short winter days is the opportunity it affords to enjoy both sunrise and sunset, almost bookended on each other. Summer is the opposite; there's nearly no darkness in the longest days of summer, just a kind of indigo twilight between 2 and 3 in the morning. It gives the birds a moment to rest their voices before they resume serenading the glory of sunlight.

I've been painting sunrises lately. Sometimes they turn into sunsets: sunset

The difference being the richness of the colour. You let a watercolour sunrise get away on you and you experience painting time travel!

sunrise sketch | Angela Fehr watercolor

This one I labelled. You know, just to remind me what I was painting. There is a little artistic license in this painting, since the sky may sing "sunrise" but the vista is actually the western overlook from my home.

sunset crop 1

I wasn't happy with the clump of trees in my sunset study, and tried a couple of different crops in the computer, just to see.

sunset crop 2

I'm never certain if I need to add more to a landscape like this. The focus is the sky, after all. I don't want to clutter it up with scenery. There's a delicate little brushstroke in the bottom left that is kind of a happy place for me. Oh, and this is also a western vista, minus the highway to town. Can you see the city lights at the base of the hills?