Painting Frost.


frostI was so inspired by the frost yesterday that I immediately started trying to paint it. It's a tangle, and my first attempt was a dog's breakfast, I tell you. I'm trying again, channelling that beautiful blue. Today I was interviewed by the local TV station, CJDC in Dawson Creek for an artist profile. I'm hoping I sounded like the passionate watercolourist that I am, but on the friendly side of crazy, you know? Sometimes I think there's a fine line, and when I find myself gushing to heavy duty mechanics and carpenters about the play of light and colour on paper, I know it's time to dial it back a bit.

Actually I'm referring to my husband in that sentence; he's both a carpenter and mechanic. He listens patiently and if he thinks I'm crazy it's more because I try to pull off wearing a skirt over a skinny jean.

My artist profile will air on Tuesday, March 12th at 5:30pm PST on cable channel 3, Bell Expressview 258 and StarChoice 323. You just might see a peek at two new paintings!