Creative Thinkers.

My husband and I took a road trip on the weekend, visiting the town of Quesnel in central BC. It was fun to spend some child-free time together, even if it was just 36 hours. Our objective: to pick up my "new" car.

back view

A friend of Wade's had a 1962 Cadillac hearse for sale, and in a freakish coincidence, both Wade and I thought that fixing up an old hearse to drive around would be just the coolest thing ever. We'd been married a decade before we discovered that shared passion!

1962 Cadillac Hearse

The only catch was that the car was located in Quesnel, about six hours' drive, so we went down and picked it up. While we were down there, we had an interesting conversation about "hippies." Wade uses that term to describe pretty much every unconventional person that he meets. Usually these "hippies" are a little rough around the edges, and they don't hold down nine-to-five jobs like the rest of us.

I realized while we were talking about these types of people. that so-called hippies are almost always creatives. You can't be a hippie-type without stepping outside of the box and challenging conventional thinking. And if you're doing that, you're a creative thinker.

So I think we should all embrace our inner "hippie" and look for creative ways to express our thoughts and ideas. And I also think that a boy who buys his wife a hearse shouldn't be too quick to label someone as unconventional or odd!

62 Cadillac hearse