New Painting: Rusting Comfortably

My father-in-law is a big collector of automotive memorabilia, so much so that he build two buildings to house his collection. The Texaco is outfitted inside like a fifties diner, while the Ford shop (the middle building in the photo, behind the North Star sign) is a replica 30's style Ford dealership. My brother-in-law owns the grey shop on the right, and the orange truck parked beside it. I "borrowed" his truck for a painting I created while we were there last week.texaco vista I moved the truck into a little more of a "Peace River region" landscape instead of Saskatchewan where it is located - just for fun. Plus it gave me a chance to paint another clump of birch trees; my current obsession. "Rusting Comfortably" | watercolour by Angela Fehr

"Rusting Comfortably" measures approx. 14" x 18" and is available for purchase.