Curiosity: a quote and picture for you to download


I'm trying something new, sharing a photo & quote I enjoy,in a convenient size for you to use as wallpaper! Links at bottom of post.Curiosity quote | My husband and I are total opposites. They say this has been known to happen. There's actually even a saying about it. We were married well over ten years before I realized that part of us being opposites was that he's a cool kid, and I'm a geek. Fortunately he isn't too cool to like THIS geek, but he doesn't understand all my geeky little quirks. Like:

  • my enjoyment of word games & brain teasers
  • my love of puns and plays on words
  • why I insist that one day we will get our family photo taken, in costume, at a vintage photo shop.
  • my interest in history and pop culture
  • my ability to be transparently, easily delighted over little things.

I think that an active curiosity and interest in new things and the world around me is what keeps things interesting. Being curious has made me new friends, sparked fascinating conversations and discoveries and given me new skills and abilities that I never expected. Every day is an adventure when you choose to explore it!

Wallpaper (click on link, right-click on photo and "save image as")