4 Reasons to Paint Watercolor Greeting Cards

There are a few reasons why I paint greeting cards with my students for our last class session. 1. Small paintings are less intimidating, especially as students head home to paint independently.

2. Small paintings are a great stepping stone to larger paintings. You can work out composition and design issues in a small painting and if it turns out well, attempt it as a larger painting.

3. They make great gifts! New painters have a lot of fun painting stuff for their friends and family, and their pleased response encourages one to keep painting.

4. They don't take a lot of time. Hobbyists tend to lend that. Heck, I like that!

I made two little greeting cards during the class. It was a lot of fun!

watercolor greeting card | angela fehr

I used a little pen & ink to define my harebells, and had some fun with lettering.watercolor greeting card | angela fehr

I was inspired by the colours of a demonstration in a watercolor book, and tried them out on a card. Love the soft, bright colours!

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