Your Watercolor Questions Answered

Yesterday I had a little fun and recorded a video answering some of the questions I receive by email or as comments on my Youtube channel. I hope that this can be a regular thing, so keep the questions coming! In the video I show you my paintbrush collection, palette storage, answer paper type & quality questions, talk about complementary colours (again!) and teaching watercolor at home. Check it out!

Today I'm packing the van and taking the kids for a drive. We're going to Fairview, Alberta to pick up my paintings from the Fine Arts Centre following the Peace Watercolour Society annual show & sale. While I didn't sell any paintings at this particular event, it was my first time showing my work in Fairview, so I'm pleased to have been able to exhibit before a new audience. Once my paintings are home, I'm going to be working on a new project that I can't wait to tell you about. (Don't you just hate teasers like that? Clue: look up giclée in the dictionary.)

Have a great weekend! I'll be back next week to show you some fun greeting cards that I painted in my last watercolour class.