Craft Fair Fun

I spent yesterday at a Christmas craft fair and home business event in a small farming community. I was born in this community, and so going back there a few times a year is like going home. I love running into distant relatives and people who went to school with my parents! Craft fairs are fun because of the people. I love to talk with the walk in traffic and my fellow vendors. I always learn something new, and there's a sense of camaraderie between the vendors that is really energizing and supportive. It's encouraging to hear my art praised, and I'm treasuring a few comments that came my way during the course of the day.

One woman told me, "Every time I walk into my bedroom, I think of you!" She has a trio of my berry paintings on her wall. Love that she isn't tired of them after all these years!

Another charming lady stopped by my booth and, upon seeing my name on my business card, exclaimed that she'd always wanted to meet me. A mutual friend had taken my watercolor class. It is a funny feeling to be someone one had "hoped to meet," and a flattering one!

And my favourite comment of the day went to a gentleman who remarked at the variety of items at my table. (In addition to my paintings and note cards, there are wooden signs, jewellery, paper crafting items and sewing.) I told him that I do something artistic every day and he replied, "You must never have a negative thought!"

Isn't that a wonderful idea? I must confess to many negative thoughts in my day-to-day life. Life is not perfect for any of us. But I do believe that in painting and creating almost daily, I am a happier person as a result. I am highly satisfied with my life and sometimes it just seems too ridiculously wonderful that I can create with such abandon and liberty.

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