The Difference Between Floral Painting and "Other Subjects"


Something about floral painting just grabs me every time. Violets of My Affections

I've been working on a full sheet landscape painting, and it's going well, but when I paint landscapes, I struggle. I stutter along, with a quick burst of inspiration, followed by a whole lot of "just not sure". Multiple attempts are discarded, which is okay. I get better with each try, after all, and "painting it out" is how I learn.

But it's different when I paint a floral. It's more natural, and I find I'm often just busting with delight at the way the colours flow together, and the textures that emerge. It's much more free and definitely easier.

But I don't believe this means I should quit painting landscapes and establish myself as a floral painter. Mostly because I don't want to. I want to paint landscapes, and portraits if I feel like it, and crazy abstracts or surrealist scenes if the notion strikes me. abstrACT in progress | Angela Fehr watercolors

But there's a lot of comfort in knowing that my florals are a "safe" place, welcoming and comfortable to return to after a long learning session with another subject that doesn't come quite so inspirationally.

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