11 Videos to Help You Learn to Paint in Watercolor: Class Starts Today!


Learn to Paint Fluidly & Loosely in Watercolor | course with Angela Fehr As of this morning I have 109 students enrolled in my online watercolor class, and the full content was unpacked today. Anyone who registers now can have instant access to the entire course, for just $20. I'm so excited by the great response to my class! This first course, titled "Using Watercolor to Its Full Potential: Exploring Fluid Painting Techniques" is all about learning to use basic watercolour techniques to paint loosely and fluidly; my favourite style of painting. In future courses, I'm envisioning expanding on those first basic techniques, teaching in more depth layering, when and how to use lost & found edges, working with special effects to create texture and creative brush strokes. It will all build upon the instruction given in this course, so if you are interested in growing in your own painting skills (or just getting started in watercolor painting), why not sign up today? Abandonment | watercolor by Angela Fehr

Just a reminder that the class is self-paced, so you watch the eleven video lessons and proceed through the assignments when it is convenient for you. And for the final project you get to watch me paint the old grain truck shown in the study above. I'm all about learning by doing, so remember that for anyone who is learning to paint, the skill comes with the doing. If you persist, you will improve. But it sure helps to have some guidance!

Enroll in my online watercolor class here. There are a few discount codes left so you can get the class for half price, just $10!