Wild Rose Cascade: New Watercolor Painting


It might have finally stopped snowing! We've been staying home as much as possible as the roads are terrible and the snow up here is measured in feet per week, not inches. I crave color in the winter and love to paint florals when the world is white. Wild Rose Cascade | Angela Fehr watercolors

This wild rose cascade was started as a demonstration in class, and I just loved the texture and flow of color in the upper right side, so I had to finish it.While flowing color is beautiful, a painting needs those crisp lines to balance out the soft, blended colors.

I'm very pleased with the reviews I'm getting on my online watercolor class. Teaching in this style is new to me and I really wasn't sure if people were going to be happy with the instruction they were given. So hearing comments about how clear I am in my instruction and that I'm giving lots of good information makes me happy. Whenever I teach watercolor, I get a little nervous about how things are going to go - I'm not sure why, because I always have fun and both the students and I learn a lot.

I am planning another class, building upon the techniques taught in this first class, and that will launch in January or February. My passion is painting, and every time I set another foundation stone in my career, I get excited.