Around the Corner (watercolor painting work in progress)


I've been working on this Peace River landscape for a while. Seems like forever. This is side two of a full sheet (22" x 30") watercolour paper. Around the Corner (Peace River landscape) | Angela Fehr watercolours Sometimes a watercolour painting can be so enriched by the addition of glazes of colour. Because watercolour is transparent, each successive layer of colour adds to the colours below it. Too much fussing can result in a muddy mess, so glazing like this does take practice.

Like most of my paintings, this one is taking a while because I need time to figure out what the painting needs. Last night I was working on the hills in the background, and started painting in these little lines that I just love. peace river corner detail | Angela Fehr watercoloursLooking forward to finishing up this piece and seeing all the elements come together. Landscapes for me are hard work, but that just means I always learn a lot.