Studio Update


I've been telling people about my garage studio for about three years now. It gets a little embarrassing that it's still not done. But my husband is my contractor, and he's also an artist at what he does. Last winter's project was getting the walls in and this winter we are finishing off the ceiling and talking plumbing and flooring. It's the home stretch, but it's a lot of work!studio ceiling Isn't it worth the wait though, when it looks like this? The tiles are some kind of embossed fibreboard (like you'd see in one of those drop-in T-bar ceilings), but we painted them, stained them and covered the whole thing with two coats of varnish. They look like porcelain, and at a fraction of the price of the metal tiles we originally planned on. We just have umpteen dozen wooden strips to hang, paint, stain and varnish to hide the seams between the tiles - that's the current job.

The light fixtures are a little more 50's than the 40's mercantile look we originally planned on. I don't care because I like them, though I am planning on painting the brushed aluminium with copper or black paint.

The studio is a labour of love, and as such takes time. I did use it in the summer, setting up my paints and video camera in there for a quiet place to paint and record video for my YouTube channel. And when it's cold, I am very thankful for my large room in our home. It's not pretty, but it's so functional, and just full of craft supplies (the kids are Christmas cardmaking and crafting) and maybe just a few paintings on the go.