Passion & Confidence.


Passion and confidence. When it comes to watercolour painting, the passion has always been there. But confidence? Well, that's something you have to earn, right? greeting cards sketch | watercolour by Angela Fehr For many years I approached every new painting with trepidation. I didn't know if I could put what was in my head on that frighteningly white sheet of Arches watercolor paper. I'd muster my courage and start painting, and somewhere along the way, I'd lose it, painting myself into a corner that I couldn't find a way out of. Angela Fehr Watercolours When you get stuck, you have two choices. Wait or run. Usually I'd choose "run." I'd keep painting, not sure what I was doing, but not wanting to be defeated, I'd fiddle around the edges of my painting until I could figure out how to resolve the problem in the middle. I guess I saw waiting the same as quitting. Over the last year, my perspective has changed. I've become a believer in the process - taking time to allow a painting to work itself out in my head before continuing on. I trust that every painting (even the failed ones!) holds a lesson for me that will enrich my future work. And I'm seeing my own style develop, and that builds confidence. I want to paint like me, and so much of my thinking during the painting process is, "what do I want to say?" fluid roses detail | Angela Fehr watercolours I'm not saying this in the American Idol, "You tell me I'm no good but I'm never giving up the dream" kind of delusion. I am conscious of how much I have to learn, and I am always learning. Over the last couple of years I've been studying composition and colour theory, with the goal to create stronger paintings. Every great talent is also a good student, always working to improve, but with a strong inner sense of self. Confident yet humble. "I am me, and there is no other like me. In learning, I am freed to articulate my vision." peace river corner detail | Angela Fehr watercolours