Dunvegan Patriarch: New Watercolor Landscape Painting, Peace River scenery


I consider myself very fortunate to live "next door" to the mighty Peace River. The Peace River watershed stretches across northeastern British Columbia and northwestern Alberta and is edged by rolling hills. I grew up hiking these hills, mud-bathing on the banks of the river and skipping rocks across its surface, though I confess I have never boated on its surface.

This summer we picked strawberries at Dunvegan Gardens on the banks of the Peace River near Fairview, Alberta, and after the berry picking, I walked down to the river's edge and was struck by the glow of sunlight and contrasting deep shadows on a majestic poplar tree along the riverbank. I sat down to paint the scene last week. "Dunvegan Patriarch" watercolor painting by Canadian artist Angela Fehr https://angelafehr.com

You can believe that I will be visiting this spot again this year and who knows what will inspire me this time?

"Dunvegan Patriarch" is watercolour on paper, measuring 14.5" x 21.5" and is available for purchase by contacting me.