Watercolor Travel Mugs Now Available, and a Near Miss.


I ordered a box of thermal travel mugs; the kind you can put inserts into to decorate yourself, and I'm putting in some of my not-gonna-frame-it original paintings. I think they are so pretty and cheerful, which is exactly what I want in a travel mug. They are $30 plus shipping, just email me to order one and I will send you a Paypal invoice.watercolor art travel mugs | Angela Fehr Yesterday I drove to Fort St. John, BC, about an hour away, to drop off two paintings for the Peace River Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists spring show, "Dimensions of Reality", opening May 2nd at the North Peace Cultural Centre. I'm always honoured to have a piece chosen for this show. On my way there, I had to hit the brakes hard when a truck decided to pull into my lane - while I was beside him! Both paintings went flying to the floor, and I was certain that the glass had shattered and maybe even the frames warped.2 framed paintings | Angela Fehr watercolours

They were due at the show that day, and so as I drove my mind was racing; thankful we avoided an accident, but a little panicked at the thought of having to find new glass for the paintings at such short notice. When I was finally able to pull over and assess the damage, I was shocked to see that both pieces were completely unharmed! As I told the kids, it was the hand of God, and I was so glad I hadn't lost perspective and let it ruin my day and attitude. Even if the damage had been significant, it's just glass, metal and paper, and far less important than the lives of the children and I in the vehicle.