Fire & Pain

Here in northeastern British Columbia, summer has been dry and hot, and we are less than two hours from the two largest wildfires in the province. Yesterday the town of Hudson's Hope was evacuated due to the proximity of the fire, and we are waiting anxiously for rain to put a damper on the fires' progress.

The air if filled with smoke and ash has sifted down in a fine layer. The heat and haze make the countryside seem baked, blanketed in heat.

Today there's a forecast for thunderstorms - praying there will be lots of rain and that any lightning won't start new fires. Thinking of my friends in Hudson's Hope.

Of course, in the wake of world news - Malaysian airlines, Israel/Palestinian conflict and, closer to home, a family grieving the loss of child and grandparents, there is much to pray for. So thankful for a God who cares for it all.