Student Art: Flowers


I love painting flowers, and from the looks of my students' paintings, I'm not the only one! I've enjoyed seeing what inspires my beginning & intermediate painters, from works in progress... (aren't those lovely blue shadows on the daisy petals?)

Anna Maria P
Daisy by Anna Maria P completed studies of blossoms large and small...

Gia M

...beautiful purples...(don't these fluid paintings hold some lovely watermarks?)

Joyce Nelson-Avila

Maya Bankova

...and pinks...

Soft colours flow so beautifully when painted loosely.

Viviane Louwies

...realism and fluidity combined.

In my new watercolor class, I focus exclusively on painting florals, because they are so fun to paint loosely and fluidly. Here's a painting by Susan D. that is part of the negative painting lesson in my new floral class:

Daisy by Susan D.

You can join the class and save 60% off the price before July 31st. Plus you get my "Basics" class for free with every class registration. Join here: The courses together are valued at $119, and you get them both for $30. Remember that you can comment on every lesson and share your projects for instructor guidance and criticism, I check in regularly to interact with my students.

Thanks to all my students for joining my classes! These watercolour workshops really help me to pursue my watercolour dream, supporting the costs of supplies, framing and exhibiting, and they also benefit me by helping me to really think about why and how I paint the way I do.