The Artist's Life: Working at Playing


So much fun! I love it when painting becomes play, and can I tell you that it isn't always that easy? So much of my watercolor teaching is about giving yourself permission to explore, play and experiment, because we grown-ups tend to approach everything like work. It doesn't have to be that way! I have learned that my painting skills grow when I step out of my comfort zone, and that doesn't happen when I follow my plans from point A to point B. So, while it may not result in paintings I can frame, or even show in public, and I may not like what I end up with, sometimes I have to just pull out something new and ask "what if?"

This week my "what if" time was spent melting beeswax, covering an old painting just to see what it would look like. And it smelled wonderful! Very fun. And then I pulled out two full sheets of watercolour paper (22" x 30") and tried filling them with some "experimental" large shapes. We'll see what that turns into. And then there was the fun little doodled monogram that I played with while the kids worked on their school work.

monogram - Angela Fehr watercolors

I think I would like to try some monogram prints, just for fun. Maybe they'll show up in my Etsy "Watercolor Sketchbook" shop!

I call myself a "working artist" but I can't quantify my hours. Every hour is spent thinking art around here, investing in my creativity. And then when "work" hours are happening, I'm working at playing more than anything else. It's a fine way to live.